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Originating from the small town of West Springfield, Massachusetts, Cars Go West is an indie rock / jam band with a wide range of influences from classic rock and psychedelia to modern indie and alternative. Once high school buddies who merely got together to jam in their free time, the band has begun pushing the boundaries of what they ever thought was possible—playing shows for audiences in towns all along the Connecticut River, and always striving to bring more and more hype to each subsequent performance.

Cars Go West is comprised of Craig Buddenhagen on vocals and bass, Donovan Descant on the axe, and Jimmy Oliver on the skins. Since the release of their debut album ‘(Be)’ in December of 2018—a collection of revamped tunes written anywhere from the band’s origin in 2014, to late 2017—the boys have been bringing their self-proclaimed ‘psychedelic mid-fi indie alterna-phunk’ to bars, venues, and DIY spaces throughout New England.